The Brains and Beauty Behind the Brand - Fiendish Fancies

June 22, 2017

The Brains and Beauty Behind the Brand - Fiendish Fancies

Lara from Fiendish Fancies has quite a unique brand. Keep reading to learn more about her horror-ific creations!

Indie Expo Canada: Tell us about your brand. What sets you apart?

Fiendish Fancies: Fiendish Fancies takes pop-culture inspired cosmetics to some darker places, with nail polish inspired by a lifelong passion for horror culture and entertainment. Inspiration is drawn from specific scenes in a film or television show, or by overall characteristics of the villains, heroes, or design.

Don’t let the inspiration fool you. The catalog of colours includes vibrant pinks and subtle pastels in addition to the expected dark, Gothic palette. It’s as diverse as the horror genre itself.

Indie Expo Canada: What is your workspace like? Do you have any employees? Do you have plans to expand in the future?

Fiendish Fancies: Fiendish Fancies is home-based, and a one-woman show - with the occasional enlistment of friends and family members for some tasks. Living in a small abode I’ve learned to utilize and adapt my space surprisingly well to accommodate an effective workspace and innovative storage solutions.

Indie Expo Canada: What can we expect to see from you in the next few years?

Fiendish Fancies: There is an endless supply of inspiration for me. I’ve been watching horror movies since I was three years old. There are so many more collections I have planned, I could release a new one every week and never tire of it. Everything I watch is research.

I love what I do, and plan to continue doing so. Whether I’m making polish for only myself and close friends, or am fortunate enough to have developed this amazing fan base who keep coming back for more, I will always be doing exactly this. It’s in my blood now.

Indie Expo Canada: What inspires you in your creative process?

Fiendish Fancies: Films that have had an impact on me. Television shows that I obsess over. Stories and characters and visuals that scream out for a collection. Sometimes I want to create a collection based on a specific film, and I will re-watch that movie several times, gleaning quotes and capturing photos of individual scenes to inspire colours. Other times I create colours and let the final product “speak to me” and trigger a memory of a specific film or character, and I’ll build an entire collection around it.

Indie Expo Canada: Do you have a favourite product or collection that you have created?

Fiendish Fancies: Every collection I create becomes my new favorite. Like with children (or pets), it’s difficult to choose a favorite and I love them all. That said, The Beware Collection (inspired by Crimson Peak), The Nevermore Collection (inspired by Edgar Allan Poe), and The Freakiest Show (Inspired by American Horror Story) stand out as my proudest moments, and my favorite source material thus far.

Indie Expo Canada: What is your favourite season in relation to your brand?

Fiendish Fancies: You’d think it would be Halloween, which is my favorite season EVER. But I rather enjoy the spring and summer – bringing some unexpected lightness to an otherwise dark inspiration. Besides, everyone tries to be me at Halloween. Posers ;)

“This isn’t a costume, this is a way of life!” (Return of the Living Dead, 1985)

Indie Expo Canada: Is Fiendish Fancies a full time job, or do you have another job as well?

Fiendish Fancies: Fiendish Fancies is currently my main focus. After a very long nursing career was ended by a devastating injury, I looked to develop my creativity and pursue this venture. In addition to the nail polish, I also do some graphic art, create zombie babies (Baby Rots-a-Lot), Daryl Dixon-inspired trophy-ear necklaces, Alien egg sculptures and more. I’m incredibly lucky to be surrounded by peers – horror fans and writers, directors, artists, designers and more - who also very creative and entrepreneurial. We inspire and encourage each other and are part of a very eclectic, niche community that has helped me grow personally as well as artistically.

Indie Expo Canada: What is your current best selling product?

Fiendish Fancies: Without a doubt, the Hellboy inspired thermal trio. When they were launched at the Dark Carnival last year they sold out on the first day, and continue to do well. We Lead a Charmed Life in particular, but everyone loves the vampy Red Means Stop too!

Indie Expo Canada: Any spoilers or sneak peeks of upcoming products or projects?

Fiendish Fancies: There is a lot on the go!

Twin Peaks-inspired polishes are in the works for the 2017 return to television. Yet another Guillermo del Toro inspired set – for the final season of The Strain – is coming up. Alfred Hitchcock and Clive Barker series. Revenge films (“Best Served Cold” – more thermals!) And a Cabin in the Woods series! And that’s just a fraction of what’s planned for the future.

Indie Expo Canada: How do you come up with the names your polishes/products?

Fiendish Fancies: All polishes in the Fiendish Fancies catalog are named using quotes from the film/character they are inspired by. Upcoming limited edition releases will have some variation from our standard, being named instead for the creature they represent.

Indie Expo Canada: Are you morning person or a night owl?

Fiendish Fancies: Total night owl.

With my sleeping schedule and over-sensitivity to sunlight, I’m convinced I’m part vampire.


Thank you Lara for letting us peek behind the curtain!


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